2 Parallel Lines of Harry Potter’s World & American Deaf Community

Faithful fans of the Harry Potter series like myself; having decided to publish this article after finish watching the video blog of Nyle DiMarco (on the YouTube, technically).

Unfortunately, he left out some crucial details from Harry Potter’s Wizarding World that could help benefits in our American Deaf Culture.

12 reasons why under-the-bulletin talking points:

“Dark Lords”
“Death Eaters”
“Second Salemers”
“Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry,”
“Triwizard Tournament”

Nyle DiMarco fails to explain 12 Reasons Why Harry Potter resonating itself with the American Deaf Community, so let me be the one telling you why.

12 names created by the British female novelist or known as J.K. Rowling.

*I’ll only use the writing of “numero” in the alphabetical order in the list due to my fondness of LATIN origins. Just be aware. Just for fun!

                                NUMERO 1. DARK LORDS

Gellert Grindelwald was considered one of the most dangerous Dark Wizards of all time, second only to Lord Voldemort.


American Deaf community’s number one enemy is Alexander Graham Bell, of course! He’s no different than Gellert Grindelwald in a Newt Scamander film series. Why? He was well-known for his most rooted hatred of American Sign Language (also, shortened for three-lettered ASL) in an early twentieth-century. It was the era of Alexander Graham Bell.

A.G. Bell once used to recommend his appalling theologies and hate-speeches to the government administrations from 50 States each for American citizens to know; convincing them not to “hire” or “disqualify” the employment of Deaf people who are certified professionals to work in boarding schools.

He also spoke out against the idea of Deaf couples to get married together or begetting Deaf biological children, which is a part of his fears for the future’s sake. He tries to spread his paranoia into the innocent minds of American doctors including the medical communities. However, Deaf Americans tried fighting back to prove him wrong, trying to dismiss it as a false statement, but they were too late for that. I mean, there was no one at that time really did listen to the Deaf community members for best interests of non-hearing children, nor did they care!

                               NUMERO 2. DEATH EATERS

After the disappearances of Lord Voldemort from England in the late 1980s, many of his followers had returned to healthy lives, like Lucius Malfoy and Professor Snape, but others continued trying to further Voldemort’s goals.

                                       SOCIETY of ORALISM


Nowadays, Deaf Americans often had experienced hostile environments of BIGOTRY & DISCRIMINATION alongside two another vocabulary nouns for  “AUDISM” and “ABLEISM.” Both definitions are often mentioned in our community.


According to the ideological teachings of Abraham Graham Bell, which is very much alive as Lord Voldemort as his followers, Death Eaters. He had his cult following after his death! Karl White and others!






                                    NUMERO 3. HALF-BLOODS

Harry Potter’s archenemy, is, of course, Lord Voldemort, but also happens to be a Half-Blood, and his biological mother was a witch, unlike his father, a Muggle or No-Maj (an American term for no magic). Professor Severus Snape was also a Half-Blood.

Now Compare Half-Bloods to Deaf People Who Married Their Spouses:

Deaf individuals legally allowed to marry non-deaf spouses, but biological children do NOT necessarily share the same hereditarily genes as one of their parents’ disabilities, but some do. It’s just the fact that DNA does skip some child at birth. For me as an American citizen, I would not dismiss them as “Half-Bloods” merely because they have one parent’s disability in their DNA.

The only words I’ve known so far were “Hard-of-Hearing” or “Half-Deaf.” These depend on whom you talk to, but please try to remember, not everyone will be comfortable with this term, sometimes they prefer to identify themselves as “Deaf,” or “Hard-of-Hearing” or “Half-Deaf.” Again, it’s none of my business why they chose to give themselves a definitive name for their disability, it’s only a part of their identity and who they are. I think it’s perfectly fine either way.

Please, do not use the term of “Hearing-Impaired” in a written or spoken language. Trust me, folks, not everybody from American Deaf Community is approval of that. Even though we already know some members of the Deaf Community don’t care, but some really DO!

So, I would say, decision-making is best left to individuals by a personal identity of who they are.

Deaf is mostly used to identify ourselves and is an acceptable terminology by our ASL community members.

For Harry Potter books and movies on sociology in-depth analysis, it’s considering to be perfectly ok to play with unreal names, such as, “Half-Blood,” but this does not necessarily apply to the Deaf community members anywhere on Earth.

                                       NUMERO 4. LEGILIMENS

Queenie was also an extremely accomplished Legilimens, someone with the ability to extract feelings and memories from a human mind, whether it is him or her.

                                     SIGN LANGUAGE TERPS!

Why don’t we start hiring Legilimens as sign language interpreters? I think they are lotta times better than No-Majs or Muggle interpreters, ha-ha!

No offense, I prefer Legilimens!

                               NUMERO 5. MUGGLE-BORNS

How much do you remember Hermione Granger that J.K. Rowling both created and wrote for her fans?  This character is a Muggle-born, which was being born to her parents with no magic.


Deaf Babies won’t stop giving birth to Hearing Parents at 95%!

American medical communities might have seen the statistic reports of babies with hearing losses that are taken to the non-deaf parents (at least 95% of the time).

Did you see the image description now? Have you recently this image is telling you a depiction of deaf babies in handcuffs?

Yes, you just did!

Hearing babies are friendly encouraged to learn sign language less than 12 months at the same time when deaf babies are forced to learn lip-reading and practicing oral methods with speech therapists. I mean, don’t you think it is pretty ironic? It is supposed to be incredibly ironic and outrageous at the same time! I think it is unfair to deaf babies because the ones who can hear are the only ones to learn sign language, again, it doesn’t make a single sense, not to me.

Thank God I haven’t failed to mention Amy Cohen Efron (!) and remembering one of her ASL lectures were namely titled “The Greatest Irony” in a 4-part Vlog mini-series.  I don’t know if she is still selling DVD discos for that. I highly recommended you to go contact her and speak with her on any social media.

YOU ASK: So, should we give ‘em a silly name, for instance, ‘Deaf Children of Hearing Adults?’

MY ANSWER: Mostly unlikely, no. We don’t really use silly names to describe deaf kids raised by hearing parents. No is no, sorry!

Most idiots say like this, “Oh, poor you! Your kid can’t hear nothing (bleep)!”

                        NUMERO 6. SOCIETAL NORMS

Hermione Granger is urgently taken for an example of her societal norms, look at her background, not charmingly welcomed by everybody in the wizarding world, especially Draco Malfoy (Chamber of Secrets).

Inside the Deaf Cliques or Specific Circles of Friends, they’ll not merely accept you if they only view you, not just as a Mudblood, but for example, SEE BELOW in quotes:

  • “Umm–we can’t be friends, sorry! If we were, my friends would hate me, I needed ‘em more than ever.”
  • “No! You will never be a part of our deaf gang! F(bleep) Off!”
  • “Your ASL sucks! I can’t understand your signs! I prefer someone with a well-liked personality or someone with better IQ!”

You probably won’t make tons of friends from some Deaf Community areas where you live at. Apparently, he or she don’t see you as his/her equals, so it happens sometimes. He or she probably try to make you feel incredibly worthless underneath the shoes by stepping on your confidence. Either this or that, behaving like a mean bully or queen bee. They are most likely to consider themselves superior to you.

If you’re pretty curious to learn about types of negative behavior following a true story in Ukraine (Eastern Europe), please see 3 links below.




                                   NUMERO 7. PURE-BLOODS

Two distinct categories of the wizarding world in Harry Potter series: Whichever side you decide to take, you are one of Good Guys or Wickedly Selfish Bigots.

Coming to think of it: Team Malfoys Vs. Team Weasleys.


The Malfoys are the excellent example of narcissism, a prideful cliquey group that you read or seen in film series of Harry Potter. Malfoys will not, nor ever accept any Squib, Muggle-Born or Half-Blood.

Nasty attitudes do take a reign in the American Deaf Community that is still happening every day!

It’s called a CRAB THEORY!

See the example below:

Proud capital D-word: Deaf Power!
Proud capital G-word, Gay Power!
Proud capital J-word, Jewish Power!
Proud capital B-word, Black Power! For instance, the Black Panthers!
Proud capital F-word, Feminist Power! Emma Watson is one of the active feminists on this planet!

Whatever you called it. Your people. Your community. Your identity. 

Team Malfoys won’t waste no time for pity parties nor wannabes! They’ll not just expel you as a Deaf individual or wannabe, but you will often be overlooked and ignored by them due to your intelligence quality or whatever! Trust me, folks, you’ll get your Team Weasleys in American Deaf Community. It has to be there somewhere, it had to.

                  NUMERO 8. OBSCURUS/OBSCURIALS 

This film was released in November 2016: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them as we first learn the brand-new vocabulary 70 years long before Harry Potter was born in the early 1980’s. The real question is, what precisely two nouns represent in this latest film?

This image is seen in its massive size of dark matter depicting as full of misery and pain, famously known as Obscurus. You gotta remember, this is the definition of a thing, not a person. Although, a witch or a wizard can be killed by this very thing from the insides.

YOU ASK: Why do Obscurials suffer so much from the toxic societal norms?

POTTERHEADS ANSWER BACK: Because witches and wizards are punished for using magical abilities, as witch hunters, they felt this is an immediate threat to the muggles or No-majs.

OBSCURIAL is ranging from the age of infancy to 8 years; falling victim to the strict prohibition of her or his practicing abilities.


According to J.K.Rowling, during the era of New Salem Philanthropic Society, underage witches and wizards could unhealthily transform themselves into living objects of Obscurus due to self-destructive attacks, social repressions, magical deprivations and emotional conflicts. But being an Obscurial also represents an authentic portrait of victimization within each of the minority groups in LGBTs, genders, races, disabilities in general, and mental health. If it’s historically repeated, future always took a new form of oppression in minority groups like ourselves!


                          NUMERO 9. SECOND SALEMERS

Second Salemers was a radical American No-Maj cult which sought to expose and destroy wizardkind.  Those in American Medical Community who stubbornly insists the emphasis to CURE Deaf Children by prohibiting the use of sign language since The Milan Conference in Milan, Italy. It was precisely where this debating controversy became a quite heated moment in September 1880.

Milan Conference probably resonates its familiarity with “Whites Only” for the water fountains where racism exists in America, as well. Black Deaf Students had to go to black deaf schools during the Jim Crow Era. They used their own sign language, known as BASL, is similar to Vernacular Ebonics and Broken English.


American Deaf Citizens, in the 20th century, they had to fight for their rights by making money and taken arguments with ableists/audists. They were being told that they weren’t qualified for the job because they couldn’t speak very well. Most jobs preferred to hire “Orally-Abled Deaf People” than those who can’t.

Also, go check out the PBS documentary film, THROUGH DEAF EYES!

                                     NUMERO 10. SQUIBS

A wizard-born Muggle/No-Maj whether it is he or she as a child; biologically created by Witches and Wizards as a-product-of-love parents, and here they are, Squibs!

 Imagine a child without magic, what are witches and wizards gonna do about their own children?

  • Are they gonna hide them in shame?
  • Are they lying to friends and families about their children without magic?

Well, Squibs would have to go to regular schools where Muggles/No-Majs belong!

Hilarious but it is also true for the Deaf community members anywhere on the planet, yes, we deaf people are allowed to look after and raise children that they can hear, do you understand? We have a cute name for hearing kids who are products of Deaf parents: CODA.



               Celebrities who have Deaf parents:

Mark Moshe Kasher in TV series “This Close”

Louise Fletcher in Film with Jack Nicholson “One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest”

Grace Byers in TV series “Empire”


YOU ASK: Do Deaf kids go to the boarding schools like Harry Potter at Hogwarts? Like living in the dormitories for the whole year?

MY ANSWER: YES! Funnily you ask that, did you notice Hogwarts in its title: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

YOU ANSWER: Huh? Yeah? What’d you mean?

MY ANSWER: Our boarding schools in full sentence, for example, Missouri School for the Deaf, Lexington School for the Deaf, Model Academy for the Deaf, American School for the Deaf, and so on! That reads out loud in the spelling of “For The Deaf” at the front of institutions. You see my point, that name of the school building is also in each state of America, but unlike Hogwarts, its name only said in reading: “School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” Haven’t you noticed that already? It’s pretty too close, I always felt like it was a recently rephrased name of that silly school!


MY ANSWER: They only refer to girls and boys as witches and wizards. Our schools just say “For The Deaf” by avoiding gender pronouns or sexism. How interesting!

YOU ASK: Do you think J.K. Rowling got inspirations from deaf boarding schools? Maybe she visited up there in England or Scotland?

MY ANSWER: WISH I KNEW THAT! MAYBE! Why don’t we ask her ourselves? She has a Twitter account! ASK AWAY!


“The Triwizard Tournament was a magical contest held between the three largest wizarding schools of Europe:

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Durmstrang Institute, and

Beauxbatons Academy of Magic, each school, is represented by one Champion. Selected Champions compete in three tasks — traditionally judged by the Headmasters or Headmistresses of the competing schools — designed to test magical ability, intelligence, and courage. Champions competed for the honor and glory of winning the Tournament, for the Triwizard Cup, and a monetary prize. The first Tournament was held sometime around the late 13th century.”

– From Wikia

In my experience, it is similar to my boarding school, we have an annual sports activities for four or more state schools, but not internationally, no. If you were referring to Deaf Olympics, then yes, it does exist in the Deaf International World Countries. All we gotta do is make legal proceedings, such as non-profit organizations, event meetings, and making good plans, then BAM!


But for the states only in one country: America, I would say, Great Plains School for the Deaf. I don’t know nothing about the West or East Coasts since I don’t live there. All I know is Great Plains School for the Deaf, we have annual athletic competitions for volleyballs, basketballs, tracks/fields, and academic bowl tournaments at Gallaudet University.


As it turns out, Harry Potter’s World and mine are NOT that different! We have a lot in common than we thought! Wow! It meant so much to me as a Deaf Identity! It is too beautiful to know that we have a second home in this most prejudicing world.

Oh, right, I forgot telling you before this article wraps up!

Marlee Matlin, well-known Deaf American Actress; recently playing a magician role on the SYFY CHANNEL.

– Shawn

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